New Carpanion website and new features for the GPS Fleet Software

GPS Fleet Software Poolcar-Reservierungstool mit Buchungskalender

At the end of last year, we expanded our portfolio with a key acquisition. We have taken over Carpanion, a company specializing in fleet management and pool car booking systems.

Carpanion’s telematics systems go far beyond the functions of the electronic logbook. They meet the highest demands with individual solutions for different company sizes, comprehensive evaluation options, data protection and full electrical suitability.

As a result of the merger, the technical competence of the tool will flow into the further development of the GPS Fleet Software. With the close cooperation, we have significantly expanded the range of functions of the GPS Fleet Software and integrated them into the new user interface. The result is a reservation tool that is easy to use and enables a simple booking process for employees.

With access to the booking calendar, fleet management has an overview of current and forthcoming reservations and occupancy. The drivers can separate private from business trips, whereby the private trips made with company vehicles are hidden.

Carpanion – platform for fleet management and pool car booking

With many implemented projects and cooperation with over 500 corporate customers, we are among the experts for GPS telematics solutions.

Fleet management and pool car booking systems are specific areas with their own requirements, for which we have set up a specialized platform.

The new website ( gives you a complete and structured overview of the software features, benefits, and solutions.

Carpanion’s booking tool can be combined with the digital electronic logbook and intelligent key box for efficient fleet management.

Benefits for employees and fleet managers

The GPS Fleet Software offers a simple booking process for employees, who can book company vehicles independently via smartphone and browser.

In combination with the digital electronic logbook, drivers can check, edit, and comment on their journeys at any time.

Fleet managers can configure which of the vehicles (e-cars) should be used first, thus reducing costs over the long term.

With the booking calendar of the GPS Fleet software, the fleet management has access to all current and future vehicle bookings.

The digital tools in combination with intelligent key boxes can make a significant contribution to optimizing fleet management and utilization.