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aemp out now

Outbound AEMP interface now available for OEMs

Luckily, time-consuming data analyses are a thing of the past thanks to a new interface in the t-matix IoT platform: AEMP 2.0 not only brings relief for construction companies but also enables OEMs to provide standardized data to their customers.

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t-matix und roosi schließen strategische Partnerschaft im Bereich Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) und Smart City

t-matix and roosi establish a strategic partnership

The German-Austrian data intelligence consultancy roosi GmbH has entered into a sales and technology partnership with t-matix solutions GmbH, the leading provider of the Internet of Things platform. With this move, roosi is expanding its product portfolio to include an open and programming-free IoT platform, thereby providing companies with software that is simple and easy to configure in order to set up telemetry links and integrate them seamlessly with other company data.

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API interface between webshop and IoT platform

New webshop solution for subscription management of IoT services

OEMs offer digital services to their customers in the form of a license model that must be renewed after a certain period of time. This normally involves a great deal of administrative work and expense. With the new white label solution from t-matix, customers can renew licenses independently. This is a huge advantage for OEMs, as license renewals or cancellations no longer have to be monitored and managed manually.

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