Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft

With t-matix we have found a partner that not only delivers a flexible IoT-Platform

that is configurable to our needs, but who also supports our way of thinking and operating.

Maximilian Strasser, Leitung Instandhaltung MTV



The HABAU Group, an international construction giant with Austrian origins and expert in structural and civil engineering, is focusing on the digitalization of the company in order to benefit from the numerous opportunities and advantages.

“The Internet of Things is here to stay and will be a significant success factor for our industry in the very near future. We are already thinking ahead and don’t just want to track individual vehicles, we want to consolidate the data of the entire construction site in a central system and thus optimize processes and increase efficiency. We chose t-matix in the first joint project “Digitization of Commercial Vehicles including Garmin Integration” because they were flexible in responding to our wishes and were able to cover the entire process with their open IoT platform,” says Mr. Strasser from HABAU.  

The t-matix small equipment and add-on parts solution includes the tracking of any attachments and small equipment on the construction site as well as in the construction yards. Depending on the device, the technical recording without power supply is managed with built-in hardware – battery trackers for small devices and Bluetooth beacons for attachments. This data generation is made possible in the t-matix solution in different ways: For example, a router is installed in storage yards that records the inventory of small devices and attachments and transmits the information to the IoT portal. On construction sites, this task is performed by the telematics boxes already installed in the construction machines and vehicles. This provides HABAU with a perfect overview in the portal, both on the construction site and in the storage yard and puts an end to the tedious search for attachments and small equipment.

IoT platform HABAU

The small equipment and add-on parts solution was launched at HABAU in February 2021 and is currently being further developed based on HABAU’s diverse equipment fleets. However, the monitoring of small equipment and attachments goes far beyond simply determining their position. In addition, the operating hours are also transmitted based on vibration. In the t-matix portal, the location and usage data are displayed and transferred via an interface to the HABAU ERP system for further analysis.

“We look forward to working with t-matix and are pleased about the digitalization of our construction equipment fleet, tracking of attachments with beacons and small devices with battery trackers as well as about the connection of 7 manufacturer interfaces via AEMP. The small equipment and add-on parts solution in particular will be an important future component of our digital construction sites, as it covers precisely the area that was previously impossible to implement. It is not uncommon for attachments to be unavailable for a short period of time, which can unfortunately result in downtime on the construction site. The digitalization of our attachments not only provides us with an overview of their current location, but also saves us time and resources,” says Mr. Strasser, the project manager from HABAU.

Follow the link to the small equipment and add-on parts solution