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SBM Mineral Processing

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Dear Mr. Almer, what was your company’s initial situation before you decided to engage an external digitization partner?

SBM Mineral Processing is an Austrian company with a long tradition and has been building track-mounted plants with (diesel) electric drive concepts for 35 years. Our machines are controlled by PLC and with the help of modems we have been able to carry out remote maintenance on our own. We were able to retrieve live data from the machines, but we lacked the complete process of continuous transmission, storage and analysis of the data. 

Was there an impetus to want to make your products and machines “smart”?

The existing data should be used sensibly and a clear added value should be created for our customers.

How did you proceed?

An IoT platform for storing the obtained data is the first important step on the way to a digital future in which a machine can recognize various operating states and make the optimal settings on its own in a timely manner. The team at SBM asked around and went in search of a suitable IoT platform to be able to use the measured data sensibly and offer their customers added value with corresponding visualization and analysis options.

Why did SBM choose t-matix?

Of course, we obtained various offers in the run-up to this project. The references in the construction and construction machinery industry as well as the IoT platform, which is constantly being improved for all customers, were critical in our decision to go down this path together with t-matix. The result that emerged confirmed this decision.

What advantages have you experienced?

Already during the project phase, t-matix showed which future-oriented possibilities can be implemented through their IoT solution. With the t-matix IoT platform, we can now provide all measured machine data including user management in the portal as well as an easy way to order spare and wear parts for the machines via app. After only a short time, we have received very positive feedback from our customers and dealers.

What added value do you already see since the introduction of the t-matix IoT platform?

There is a high level of interest, not only among SBM customers but also at SBM itself, in observing changes in the behavior of certain machine parameters in various applications. Through the t-matix IoT platform, such insights can be gained from data analysis and taken into account in new developments, which can leverage significant added value for the entire company.

Contact:  SBM Mineral Processing

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