t-matix and roosi establish a strategic partnership

t-matix und roosi schließen strategische Partnerschaft im Bereich Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) und Smart City

Rosenheim/Graz, September 23, 2021 – The German-Austrian data intelligence consultancy roosi GmbH has entered into a sales and technology partnership with t-matix solutions GmbH, the leading provider of the Internet of Things platform. With this move, roosi is expanding its product portfolio to include an open and programming-free IoT platform, thereby providing companies with software that is simple and easy to configure in order to set up telemetry links and integrate them seamlessly with other company data. With this partnership, t-matix is expanding its market presence in Germany in both the commercial and public sectors. The first joint customer projects have already been successfully launched.

Current studies show that the majority of IoT initiatives fail due to complexity. Even for seemingly simple applications, it is necessary to be able to cover the entire technical process: from sensors to connectivity, APIs, authorization structures, dashboards, apps, security and data protection.

This is exactly where t-matix comes in: As a full-service provider of hardware, web applications and mobile apps, the company’s modular platform covers all the processes necessary for building sustainable and flexible IoT solutions. Thanks to field-tested use cases, t-matix demonstrably shortens the time to rollout. The use cases focus on applications from sectors such as “digital construction site”, “smart, networked products” and “smart city”.

The objective of the partnership is to provide companies and public authorities with optimum support in implementing their IoT initiatives and, by easing access barriers and shortening time-to-market, to accelerate the widespread implementation of IoT solutions and firmly anchor the resulting data in decision-making processes.

“Demand for IoT solutions has grown significantly across many industries in recent years. Visualizing process-oriented data is an essential, perhaps even the piece of the puzzle that has often been missing until now. Add to this the enormous potential that exists in telemetry data sent from machines and objects that were previously not networked. The t-matix platform reduces the complexity of the process by enabling telemetry links to be set up quickly and without programming – from the sensor to data visualization,” says Gernot Bernert, Managing Director of roosi GmbH, explaining the partnership.

t-matix covers the entire digitalization process – from hardware selection and connectivity to the implementation of individual IoT solutions. Key benefits of the IoT solution include:

  • Programming-free
    The modular principle enables a short time-to-market of IoT solutions.

  • Custom branding and layout
    Once created, IoT solutions can be fully branded and offered in a customer-specific layout to also allow customers, partners and service providers to build their own IoT platform.

  • Full-service provider
    Ranging from hardware connectivity to web application and mobile apps.

  • Cloud
    Hosting of the platform in the cloud.

  • Powerful authentication system
    Complete mapping of different roles and their respective visibility.

  • Multiport capability
    From a single instance, different portals can be realized, each with their own individual functionality and branding.

In addition, numerous interfaces and APIs are available, enabling easy integration or expansion of existing structures and systems.

“I am very excited about this collaboration with our new partner roosi. In conjunction with their experienced data and analytics experts, we intend to grow further in Germany over the next few years and thus make a significant contribution to the digitalization of decision-making processes in companies,” says Dr. Markus Kohlbacher, Managing Director of t-matix solutions GmbH.

About roosi GmbH

roosi GmbH supports its customers in the collection, transformation and storage of their data. roosi refines this data into relevant and meaningful information. This enables companies to gain a deep understanding of their current business and to actively manage further business development. By integrating, for example, sensor data and applying AI/ML, roosi increases the digital intelligence of its client companies. The consulting portfolio of roosi GmbH comprises the following seven core competencies: Data Strategy & Governance, Data Architecture, Data Management & Storage, IoT & Data Engineering, Virtualization & IT Infrastructure, Advanced Analytics, Corporate Performance Management & Business Intelligence. roosi GmbH is the Data Intelligence Consultancy in Germany and Austria.

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