Electronic logbook

Logbook for cars & trucks

Digital logbook - simple and practical recording of trips with GPS tachographs

Save time &
avoid mistakes

With the electronic logbook of
t-matix time-consuming and error-prone manual recordings are a thing of the past!

Stress free
trip recording

Automatic recording of routes and trips as well as the possibility to differentiate between business and private.


The driver identifies himself directly in the vehicle using RFID and the recording starts automatically.

Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch von t-matix zeigt auf App und im Portal übersichtlich alle Fahrten für einen definierten Zeitraum an

Electronic logbook
for cars & trucks

With the “Electronic Logbook” module from t-matix, time-consuming and error-prone manual recording is a thing of the past. The driver identifies himself via smartcard or RFID directly in the vehicle and the recording begins automatically when the ignition is started. All data such as the trip date, start and stop times, as well as the exact start and destination addresses are digitally recorded without gaps. The combination of state-of-the-art hardware and a flexible, open software solution (platform & app) enables simple and practical trip recording.


Electronic logbook: simple & practical

Reduce administrative effort

Manual records are a thing of the past - the electronic driver's logbook from t-matix records all journeys automatically

Business & private trips

The electronic logbook ensures stress-free documentation of business and private journeys.

Save taxes

Take advantage of tax benefits by documenting the private use of your company vehicles.

Save resources & use time efficiently

Save time and focus on the really important tasks.

Optimize trips & avoid idle time

With the help of the collected data, trips can be optimized, drivers can be deployed efficiently, and deadhead trips can be avoided.

Extensions possible

The extended logbook allows important information to be called up directly in the navigation device (Garmin). Furthermore, information on cost centers, number of passengers or fuel is available in the portal.


extensive & ready-to-use

Interactive data visualization

Various visualization options allow an interactive analysis of routes, travel times, fuel consumption, distance and much more.

Interfaces through modern APIs

All data can be easily exported to Excel or ERP systems for further processing. For example, data can flow into accounting and contribute to more efficient invoicing.

Protection against tampering

Digital documentation through the electronic driver's logbook is tamper-proof.

Elektronisches Fahrtenbuch von t-matix zeigt auf App übersichtlich alle Fahrten für einen definierten Zeitraum an

Driver identification via smartcard or RFID

Drivers can easily identify themselves by smartcard or RFID and record trips individually.

Log trips automatically

Digital recording of trips, travel times, mileage, distances, and start and destination addresses.

Security through theft protection

Automatic alert via SMS or e-mail if your vehicles move without permission.


high-end & individual

The modern hardware solutions from t-matix are individually adapted to your needs. Together with you, we develop the best hardware fit for your company, ensuring reliable, seamless recording of all vehicle data.

Fahrzeuge senden Daten an elektronisches Fahrtenbuch von t-matix
LKW sendet Daten an elektronisches Fahrtenbuch von t-matix

Reliable data acquisition through state-of-the-art LTE telematics boxes in combination with routers.

Installation app for easier deployment.

Complete documentation of the hardware installation process.


t-matix - a proven IoT solution provider

t-matix TCS Apps für Asset Tracking auch unterwegs


of various hardware suppliers

The flexible, open IoT platform is independent of manufacturers and telematics systems and thus enables comprehensive integration of all relevant data. APIs make it possible to export data to external systems (e.g. ERP systems).

The most important interfaces are:

  • AEMP 1.2
  • AEMP 2.0 (ISO/TS 15143-3)
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA
  • JSON
  • ...

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